About Marcia

 Marcia RadosevichMarcia Radosevich is a philanthropist and not-for-profit advisor.  With decades of success in the private sector, Marcia brings the rigor of business practices to the management of charitable organizations.  Major areas of interest are the arts, International Women’s Health, and Animal Rights.

Some of her recent work includes…

  • The Gardner Museum in Boston – Chair of the Finance Committee and Financial Modeling Task Force
    • Marcia provided support as part of the 12 year process culminating in the museum’s new $185M Renzo Piano building.
  • The Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston – Co-Founder of the Global Women’s Health Program
  • Women for Women International – Chair of the Finance Committee
    • Marcia created financial reporting and management infrastructure for supporting women in conflict areas around the world.
  • Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Foundation – Chair of the Finance Committee of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Foundation
    • Marcia created financial reporting and management infrastructure for this world-renowned modern dance company.

Marcia Radosevich was born and raised in southern Iowa, in a rural farming community where helping others was the way of life.  The tradition of charity for your neighbors stemmed from the fact that if someone couldn’t harvest their entire crop this season, they wouldn’t eat.  This spirit of community involvement is in Marcia’s DNA and she has continued it throughout her life.

Even though her family with six kids were working class and struggling, there were always people to whom the family reached out to offer assistance.  Whether offering donations, mowing lawns, or the weekly volunteering work Marcia gave to a local school for the mentally disabled, a sense of giving back was fostered in her that remains with her until this day.

After a career as an academic, later working in the private sector in Boston, a friend took her out to lunch.  Marcia had enjoyed several years of success.  Her friend told her that it was time for her to give back.  At the time, she thought she was too busy.  She is grateful to have listened to her friend, who introduced her to the Director of the Gardner Museum Anne Hawley.  Marcia was impressed with the organization she was fostering,  the first house museum in the country, and thus began a 20+ year relationship…as well as Marcia’s lifelong love of assisting programs she believed in.  Many of the organizations she supports are in the Boston area, the city to which Marcia owes so much.  The new Renzo Piano building at the Gardner is Marcia’s “thank you” to the city that enabled her success.